Announcing my 2 Week App Challenge

What is the 2 Week App Challenge In December I start a new long term client project. Before that I have two weeks of "personal time" »

My goals for 2015

I've been running my own freelance software business on the side since December 2013. After one year of combining a full time tech startup job with »

4 months on the Play Store with a niche productivity app

On May 3 2014 I released the first version of Quantus Tasks on the Play Store. This post will explain the details and sales numbers for »

AndroidFocus is no more, say hello to Quantus Tasks

Last week I released one of my side projects as an app named AndroidFocus. It’s a Getting Things Done app for Android that syncs tasks »

AndroidFocus: bringing together Android and OmniFocus

This week I released one of my side projects to the Play Store. It’s an Android app called AndroidFocus that synchronises with the popular Mac »